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I have big news folks!

I wanted to start by giving a huge thank you to this amazing community, my colleagues, clients and my own family and friends. I’ve had a lot of endless support in the last year working towards this sometimes terrifying goal of starting my own private practice. And I really couldn’t have done this without all these amazing people being a part of that journey.

Because of all this fantastic cheerleading, heavy lifting and just plain great commitment, I’m able to continue to expand my business and offer the best possible therapeutic experience to my deserving clientele in Kincardine and beyond.

As of November 1st, I will be moving to a new full time office at 926 Queen St (upper level, Unit B), downtown Kincardine!

Those who have been coming to see me in person (behind our masks and with 6 feet of distance) know I have been sharing part time hours in my amazing office space with Corinne Bean, RMT. It has been a perfect fit for our work, providing a safe, confidential and truly comforting space to do some inspiring therapy with very motivated and exceptional clients. My working relationship sharing this space with Corinne has been absolutely ideal in a time where I was building my practice.

I owe so much to this talented professional! I couldn’t have asked for a better place to get my feet under me, and she’s been one of my biggest supporters and mentors.

So it is with much gratitude and love (and not a small amount of sadness) that I spread my wings and use all her passed-on knowledge and business savvy to leave the nest to a new office space where I am able to offer more appointments per week and a more flexible schedule to suit the way my practice is growing. I will still continue to offer both teletherapy (phone and video), as well as in-person appointments.

I’m asking for patience and understanding over the next week and a half as I go through the process of moving my office upstairs at 926 Queen St. You will recognize this as the Coldwell Banker building, across from Quinn Plaza. (You will probably see me proudly staring out of the 4 large windows on the upper level, like Leo in Great Gatsby, enjoying my first experience in my entire career having access to natural light). Keep your eyes out for signage that will come soon to direct you to my side entrance, on the left of the building.

In-person appointments will still require the following:

  •           a mask shall be worn before entering the building and remain on for the entirety of your stay
  •           all clients will be required to complete COVID19 screening and will be asked to re-schedule should they show any symptoms such as fever, cough, loss of smell/taste, difficulty breathing
  •           hand-washing and/or hand sanitization will be required upon entering the office
  •           social distancing guidelines (6 feet) will be adhered to throughout the appointment

Please be aware my schedule may shift in the weeks to come as I work through finding a balance with my new space. I am encouraging clients who have a very specific scheduling need (particularly those seeking after-hours appointments) to consider booking several appointments in advance to secure your spot. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee availability. Evening and weekend spots are my most in demand, and are limited.

I am looking forward to starting this next chapter and I can’t wait to show you all the new office space once I’m all settled in!

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